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Our booking platform offers you access to a number of different backlinks.

Contentlinks has more than 1,000 websites for publishing German language content links in its portfolio.


In cooperation with FSOM we develop individual apps for Android and iOS, which allow you to build backlinks from the app stores for your projects.


Together with our partner FSOM we develop individual extensions for all known browsers, which allow you to link to your website.


Whether trade fair, sports club or event, our contacts make it easy for you to get sponsorships. You not only get a strong backlink, but also strengthen your brand.


Through our Private Blog Network (PBN) we can offer you backlinks with a very good price-performance ratio. Home page links are also possible here.

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Registrations in our link booking platform are limited. This way we ensure that our high quality standards are maintained and that our partner websites do not become “link-slingers”.

Therefore register now. As soon as your registration has been checked by a member of our staff, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

High quality backlinks for 1st place at Google helps you to achieve top rankings in Google and Co. with qualitative backlinks. Through our large portfolio of over 500 publishers and more than 1,000 websites we can help you with backlink building in almost all subject areas. In addition to high-quality content links, our offer also includes non-edits, PBN links from our own network as well as mobile and browser app links at fair prices.

Backlinks can also help your website

Linkbuilding works also in the year 2020! The tool “Ahrefs” clearly shows the effects of a successful backlink setup with system and the resulting increase in organic traffic.

Backlink structure with system stands for backlink construction according to the latest standards with system. Backlinks are all links that point from website A (for example a newspaper) to website B (for example your company). They belong to the most important ranking factors at Google since the beginning. High-quality backlinks can therefore also increase the number of visitors to your website in the long term.

Decades of experience in Offpage SEO

The supposedly fast money makes for a constant coming and going among backlink providers and often lacks the necessary professionalism. The team around Dennis Hoinkis and Robert Klatt has combined decades of experience in search engine optimisation, especially in link building. This is reflected in the high quality of the links booked with us and the reliable order processing.

Through long-term relationships with more than 500 website operators, we can also help you to get strong backlinks that will really make your website rise in the rankings and provide you with valuable traffic. All link sources at are tested by us beforehand and are only offered to our customers if they meet strict quality standards. This is also shown by our results.

Intuitive software instead of Excel lists

Link booking by phone and e-mail as well as the exchange of long Excel lists are a thing of the past as a customer of Instead, our intuitive backend offers the possibility to choose from more than 1,000 high-quality backlink options. This not only ensures an effective booking process, but also makes backlink setup scalable.

Personal contact persons in Germany does not hide abroad, but is represented by a German GmbH and a regional team. This simplifies the communication with your personal contact person and creates legal security for all parties.

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Are you still not sure if you want to book backlinks or which backlinks are the right ones for your project? Please contact us by phone (0921 164972902) for a free initial consultation. Alternatively, we will also be happy to call you. Simply contact us via our contact form.