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The intuitive backend of offers you a large portfolio of newspapers, magazines and blogs from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Naturally placed content links in editorial articles on websites with strong metrics also give your website the necessary confidence to be ranked 1st on Google, Bing and Co and deliver interested readers.

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Registrations in our link booking platform are limited. This way we ensure that our high quality standards are maintained and that our partner websites do not become “link-slingers”. offers you these advantages

Content links are published on strong websites in the body text of a relevant article. These are the strongest backlinks. A correct placement in a high-quality article can also boost the ranking of your website sustainably.

The great experience of the team through own and customer projects in combination with constant training on all innovations in the field of search engine optimization enable to advance your projects with content links in a cost effective and predictable way.

Content links sustainably improve the ranking

Content links work! A successful link building campaign and its impact on Google visibility is quickly made clear in the “Ahrefs” tool.

Text creation through professional editing

The professional editorial team takes care of all bookings to create high quality articles that rank in Google. Thus we use the authority of the publisher to place an SEO-optimized article that will bring more awareness to your project.

All articles from our experienced editorial team are also optimised for conversions to immediately generate more referral traffic. is therefore not a typical link seller, but creates real added value through its articles, which helps you build your brand and increase your authority on the Internet.

  • Professional editing
  • Professional editing
  • SEO-optimized articles to use the authority of the publisher
  • Conversion-optimized articles to increase referral traffic

The team of around Dennis Hoinkis and Robert Klatt has combined decades of experience in search engine optimisation, especially in link building. therefore has one of the largest portfolios in the D-A-CH region for the publication of content links. In total, we maintain contacts with more than 500 publishers, which give us access to more than 1,000 authoritative websites.

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The initial consultation is always free of charge at If you are still not sure whether you should book content links or need help with the selection, you are welcome to contact us by phone (0921 164972902). Alternatively, we will also be happy to call you. Just contact us via our contact form.