Frequently Asked Questions to provedLinks.com

Why are the backlink offers hidden in the booking platform?

New users cannot see the URLs in our booking platform to protect our offers for Google and Co. Nevertheless, the quality of all link sources offered is high because only websites that meet a number of strict quality criteria are included in our database. Regular customers receive the complete URLs for the transparent design of the booking process.

What is the average processing time?

For some link sources we can publish new backlinks within 24 hours. As a rule, the total processing time including text creation for content links is one week. In exceptional cases, in which a longer processing time can be expected, we will inform you in good time.

How and when is payment made?

Payment at provedLinks.com is done via Paypal or bank transfer. After confirmation of your booking you will receive an invoice, which should be paid within ten days. A faster payment significantly accelerates the booking process.

Are there also homepage links available at provedLinks.com?

Our content links are of course integrated into the continuous text. We can therefore only offer start page links from our own Private Blog Network (PBN) after consultation at fair prices.

Are these Do-Follow-Links?

Usually our backlinks and content links are do-follow. If a backlink offer is a no-follow link, a notice in our booking platform will clearly show this.  

Does the portfolio only include German language backlink offers?

Our content links are currently only published on pages in the D-A-CH region. However, the mobile and browser app backlinks that are also offered as well as our free link sources are also suitable for international websites.

Are these links from a Private Blog Network (PBN)?

The majority of our backlinks and content links are placed on real websites that have been checked by the provedLinks.com team according to strict quality criteria. If desired, customers can also book backlinks and homepage links from our constantly growing PBN.

Are content links from provedLinks.com secure?

Manual backlink building violates Google guidelines, but is unavoidable in competitive niches to achieve good rankings. To avoid manual punishments we only use high quality articles from our professional editorial staff for our content links, which of course fit in with our publishers. The risk is therefore minimal.

What about gambling and erotic backlinks?

Answer: The majority of our portfolios do not accept articles in the gambling and eroticism sector. Should you need content links or other backlinks in this subject area, please contact us beforehand by phone or e-mail.

Do agencies and other major customers receive discounts?

Individual discounts are possible for larger orders depending on the booked backlink sources. If you are interested, please contact us by phone or e-mail to arrange an individual offer.